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An English Teacher At Wellesley High School Essay - 966 Words

As an English teacher at Wellesley High School, in the accomplished community of Wellesley, Massachusetts, David McCullough, Jr. confronts the paradox of reality versus the popular assumptions perpetuated by well-meaning parents and delivered a shockingly poignant attack on the Wellesley High School graduates’ self-perception and preparedness. In addition, he outlined the parents’ role in creating and maintaining this deception. Mr. McCullough used his knowledge and insight of the Twenty-first Century youth culture, humor, and steadfast opinion that his target audience of high school graduates is aphoristically, NOT SPECIAL. However, Mr. McCullough limited his audience’s sensitivity to his assertion using ethics, logic and pathos and later provides a positive, passionate and humanistic world view of how to have a well-lived life. Mr. McCullough begins his speech by recognizing his audience and the privilege of being selected as the graduation speaker stating, â€Å"Dr. Wong, Dr. Keough, Mrs. Novogroski, Ms. Curran, members of the board of education, family and friends of the graduates, ladies and gentlemen of the Wellesley High School class of 2012†. Acknowledging the audience by name or position, Mr. McCullough is able to set the audience at ease. This is a nod to them being part of the same community. Wellesley High School is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a well healed community with excellent public schools and private colleges with aShow MoreRelatedBiography of Sylvia Plath942 Words   |  4 PagesWarren, to Wellesley, Massachusetts which was closer to Plath’s grandmother. Aurelia had acquired a teaching job at Boston University in the medical-secretarial training program. Wellesley was a family focused and education centered community that influenced Plath’s lifes tyle and moral values (Sylvia Plath Biography). Plath had kick started her career as a poetess. Plath wrote her first poem, at age eight; â€Å"A Summer Will Not Come Again† was published in Seventeen while she was in high school, and soldRead MoreA Biography on the Life of Sylvia Plath Essay528 Words   |  3 Pagesministry at the Northwestern College, which was a small Lutheran school. According to his wife, Aurelia, Otto changed his ambitions because he didnt feel a true calling for the ministry. He received a master of the arts from Washington University, and the doctor of science from Harvard. After that, in 1928, he became a biology professor at Boston University. Sylvias mother, Aurelia, taught German and English at Brookline High School until January of 1932, when she married Otto. She quit teachingRead MoreEssay Other Jobs of Television Personalities680 Words   |  3 PagesArmy and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Besides being a television host and a writer, he has many other talents such as being a comedian, voice actor, and musician. He attended Ed W. Clark High school, Arizona State University and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Jimmy began working in the radio industry while in high school. He hosted a Sunday night interview show on UNLVs college station. While attending Arizona State University, he became a popular caller to the KZZP-FM afternoon show hosted by radioRead MoreGender Inequality And Sexism Are Common Social Issues Within Today s Society1856 Words   |  8 Pagesthe liberal arts such as English or history. Jerry A. Jacobs (1996) mentions in his article, Gender Inequality and Higher Education, that â€Å"one of the striking features of education in the United States is the prominence of women among college students† (p. 155). He asks the question of whether or not women are â€Å"equally represented at top-tier institutions† and refers to the â€Å"Hearn (1990) and Persell et al (1992) report, based on an analysis of data on 1980 high school seniors, that wom en were disadvantagedRead MorePresident Of The United States1508 Words   |  7 Pageshearing a speech by the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Since 1964, Clinton worked a variety of jobs during her summers as a college student for various committees and government officials. After graduating from Wellesley College in 1969, Clinton went on to attend Yale Law School where she graduated with honors in 1973. In 1975, Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton. One year after they married, Hillary Clinton worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign for president while her own husband was electedRead MoreI Are Not Special By David Mccullough Jr., An English Teacher And Son Of A Pulitzer Prize1466 Words   |  6 Pages an English teacher and son of a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, denounced this belief when speaking to graduating seniors at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts near the end of Spring 2012. His words, â€Å"You are not special. You are not exceptional,† went vira l across the country (Tugend). McCullough’s words spark question to the common goals that older generations and America’s educational system insist upon our country’s youth. In other words, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, playing three high schoolRead MoreContributions Of Sylvia Plath1302 Words   |  6 Pagesgrowth and development of literature. Sylvia Plath was also a profound writer and one of the most respected poets and prose writer of her time as well. She was once described as â€Å"one of the most celebrated and controversial of postwar poets writing in English† (â€Å"Sylvia Plath†). Many of her poems talked about her own mental issues, her marriage problems, conflicts with her parents that were left unresolved, or her vision of herself. Before her death at the age of thirty, Plath had a multitude of followersRead MoreDuring The Last Couple Of Years, Chicago Public Schools1795 Words   |  8 PagesDuring the last couple of years, Chicago Public S chools (CPS) have gone through many difficulties; ranging from teacher strikes to low funding, which has tremendously taken a toll on the students attending these schools. The Illinois Policy Institute, which writes to inform the public of issues affecting Illinois states, â€Å"Seventy-five percent of students at the lowest-performing elementary schools failed to meet standards on state exams. More than 20 percent of these students scored in the lowestRead MoreEssay about College Is Not Worth It: The Fleecing of Americas Youth3314 Words   |  14 Pagesdaughter to succeed in life, but they have to weigh the complications of going to college as well. â€Å"I have always thought about college as a â€Å"catch 22†...You’re taught from a young age that in order to achieve the â€Å"American Dream† you must graduate high school and go to college,† Kris contemplates (Kris 5).Throughout Kris’s ten years of experience with college, she has seen the tuit ion increase to shocking heights. In fact, she claims that community colleges cost as much as state colleges did when sheRead MoreEntrepreneurial Self Efficacy1962 Words   |  8 Pagesstudents with such intentions. Entrepreneurship education program is usually defined as a process of providing individuals with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities and the knowledge, skills and attitudes to act on them (Jones and English, 2004, p.416). Apart from professional skills and knowledge, entrepreneurship education can foster entrepreneurial aptitudes in every individual, and also create awareness about the benefits of entrepreneurship in the society at large. Therefore

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Physics Earth Space Science Assignment - 1084 Words

Pablo Alvarado-Cruz Earth Space Science Assignment Part I Evaluate Experiments Choosing: Scenario 1 Christopher and Kate noticed that after a rainstorm some of the rocks in their yard appear to shrink. They wondered how the mass of the rocks changed when dissolved in water. To determine this, Kate purchased a variety of rocks from a local shop, carefully recording the types of rocks in a data chart. Christopher gathered rocks from the backyard to add to the rocks Kate purchased. They measured each rock s initial mass; then they inserted the rocks one by one into 100 milliliters of water and measured the mass of each rock after it had sat in the water for five minutes. Both Christopher and Kate concluded that store-bought rocks do not†¦show more content†¦After I will record the type (name) of each rock since not all rocks will dissolve as much as the other rocks. Then I would record the starting mass of each rock and place the rocks in water for 5 minutes. After the rock is taken out after the 5 minutes I will record the ending mass of the rock to see if it’s mass c hanged. The controlled variables in this experiment would be the rocks I’m using since I can’t change the type of rocks I’m using. Part II Designing an Experiment Choosing: Problem 1 Your family has planted a garden. You observe that some of the plants in the garden have teeth marks in them. What is eating the plants? Purpose: My family has planted a garden, observing some of the plants in the garden, we realize they have teeth marks in them. What is eating the plants? Observation: Me and my family observe where the teeth marks are, what type of plants have teeth marks and the size of the teeth marks. Research: In the step, we can take a look at how big the bite size marks were and determine which type of animals it could be. Also, depending on which plants were taken bites out of, we can research what type of animal eats what type of plants, then seeing how big or small the bite marks are, we can have a realistic understanding of what type of animal was biting the plants. Hypothesis: I believe a small animal like a bunny might be taken nibbles from my plants since we grow carrots but there may also be a few other animals going to the garden sinceShow MoreRelatedWhy Philosophy Is Still Necessary986 Words   |  4 Pages As I was attempting to brain storm for this assignment, I ran out of ideas so I decided to read the prompt again and again for inspiration and hopefully some new ideas. That is when I realized that the prompt itself had the answer that I was looking for. My answer was sitting there waiting for me in the last sentence of the prompt, â€Å"The question whether Philosophy is still necessary or not remains an intriguing question, triggering different position.† Philosophy is still necessary in our modernRead MoreThe Physics Of The Universe Beyond Earth1023 Words   |  5 Pagesare the type of scientists who study the physics of the universe beyond Earth. Galileo Galilei is a famous astronomer and is often known as â€Å"the father of modern astronomy.† He created the first telescope with 30x magnification. Nicolaus Copernicus was a famous Polish astronomer who established the concept that the Sun, rather than the Earth, is the center of the solar system and is Earthâ€℠¢s main source of light. His discovery lead to the concept that the Earth and other planets rotate around the SunRead MoreApplication And Values Of The Non Living Entities1350 Words   |  6 PagesPhysical Science involves the study of nonliving matter. Learning about physical science is important, because the five classes of physical science (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, and Geology) all touch some area of our lives on a daily basis. This assignment asked that I choose three chapters that I have read from our textbook (An Introduction to Physical Science - 12th Edition) and explain the applications and values of the non-living entities in the three chapters that benefit dailyRead MorePerceptions of African American Women1308 Words   |  6 Pages#1 AND 2 By †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Laney College Presented November 2, 2009 To †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ African American Studies Dept. Laney College This Assignment is presented in partial fulfillment of the AA Degree. Dr. Mae C.  Jemison. I am taking some classes that will eventually qualify me to major in Astro - Physics, or Chemical engineering, I also want to work with NASA and train as an astronaut. It was amazing to know that Dr. Mae C.  Jemison who happens to be the youngest of threeRead MoreEssay The Sputnik Launch2037 Words   |  9 Pagesthat was the day the world changed forever and there was no turning back. It was the day of the Sputnik launch. Sputnik was a Soviet satellite that orbited in the earth’s rotation 500 miles above the earth and traveling at about 18,000 mph. It took approximately 98 minutes for it to rotate the earth which meant it passed the United States seven times a day. It looked like it was from a whole another world or out of a movie or a fantasy story. It consisted of a ball with four stem like structuresRead MoreA Leader Who Doesn t Have Knowledge Of The Best Person As Their Leader1887 Words   |  8 PagesTherefore, for the purpose of this assignment I have chosen to perform a study to Elon Musk, the business magnate, engineer and inventor to name but a few of his accolades. In all honesty there are many far successful entrepreneurs and business men out there, but I believe that only a few are as dynamic as Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate and founder and CEO of a host of companies in the Internet, renewable energy and outer space sectors. Of these his greatestRead MoreTechnology Is A Fundamental Priority Essay2103 Words   |  9 Pagesliteracies that the newer generations are using, Education is taking advantage of that and will more in the future. I think technology is enabling more people throughout the world to contribute to science discovery which increases the diversity of problem solving and knowledge. The web provides a large amount of space for repositories that people from anywhere in the world can access- I believe this will catalyze our ability to tackle the grand challenges for this generation to overcome. Education has alsoRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects1642 Words   |  7 PagesNavleen Kaur Kara-lee MacDonald English 100 June 10, 2015 Assignment # 5: Final research paper Global Warming: Global Warming is not a conqueror to kneel before- but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to. -Joe Lieberman The term Global warming is now commonly used to refer to the recent reported increase in the mean surface temperature of the earth; this increase being attributed to increasing human activity and in particular to the increased concentration of greenhouseRead MoreNature Science6230 Words   |  25 PagesChristine V. McLelland GSA Distinguished Earth Science Educator in Residence Reviewers and Contributors: Gary B. Lewis Director, Education and Outreach, Geological Society of America Contributing GSA Education Committee members: Rob Van der Voo University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Keith A. Sverdrup University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis. Mary M. Riestenberg College of Mount Saint Joseph, Cincinnati, Ohio Virginia L. Peterson Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Mich. Wendi JRead MoreBattery Life Chemistry Project3767 Words   |  16 PagesScience Fair Packet Name_______________________________ Date ________________________Per_____ DULUTH HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR I. Science Fair Rationale: Science Fair allows the science student a chance to do â€Å"real science†. Coursework provides science facts and formulas, but conducting a scientific investigation gives a student the practice in time management and the use of variables, research, observation and analytical skills that a student needs if interested in a career

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Online Shopping Environments In Developing Countries Essay Example For Students

Online Shopping Environments In Developing Countries Essay Outline1 Chapter 1: Introduction and context2 Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal3 Chapter 4A?A?A?Practicalities4 Chapter 5A?A?A?Ethical facets Chapter 1: Introduction and context The outgrowth of on-line shopping as an option to the traditional shopping theoretical account has become a planetary phenomenon. Harmonizing to Karake-Shalhoub A ; Qasimi ( 2006: 4 ) , consumers in both the developed and developing states have moved with velocity and hilarity to take up this chance to heighten the shopping experience and benefit from the resulting benefits. In malice of the turning figure of cyberspace users and frequence of cyberspace usage among the current users, there exist fluctuations on the planetary graduated table, with most of these fluctuations closely related to the intrinsic characteristics of the local environment. In a survey by Alam, et Al. ( 2008 ) , over 600 million persons have used this theoretical account ; with the e-commerce market holding surpasses $ 228bn as at 2007, with the projections for puting the figure at $ 320bn. The increased use of online shopping is clearly written in the characteristics of the theoretical account, with the advan tages cutting across shoppers of all ages and demographics. In most instances socio-economic, cultural, political and infrastructural facets of the environment contributes to the flight taken by the spread of online shopping by consumers within a specific geographical location. Surveies by Zwass ( 1999 ) ; Wolcott, et. Al. ( 2001 ) and Travica ( 2002 ) cited in Efendioglu, Yip A ; Murray ( n.d ) , indicated that infrastructural differences were the chief beginnings of disparity between the ingestion of online shopping services across difference environments. Other surveies ( Mcknight et al, 1998 and Lee A ; Turban, 2001 ) have indicated that the cultural and socio-economic factors that have important influence on online shopping with far making impact on the consumption of online shopping by the consumers in the development states. In this survey, we take an insightful research into the online shopping environment in the development states. Environmental factors have a important influence on the attitudes and behaviours of consumers, and the chief focal point of the probe will be environment in China and how it s influence on the online shopping facets of the Chinese population. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis, the research will picture the credence and diffusion of online shopping in China.Research purposes and aims The research aim was the geographic expedition of the aspects of the environment in China, with a critical probe of their influence on online shopping. Just like in any other developing state, there are legion factors that influence the pick of shopping theoretical account, with the handiness of online shopping installations being the most outstanding. As a consequence, this survey will picture the environmental factors that influence the ingestion of cyberspace services every bit good as the factors act uponing the determination of Sellerss and retail merchants to offer on-line shopping services. The most outstanding research inquiries include: * How on-line shopping environment affects client s behavior? * How on-line shopping can lend to advancing societal and economic development? * In China and other developing states, what jobs are on-line shopping have and how to better it? Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal The turning demand for better services by both consumers and shoppers have driven retail merchants and Sellerss to contrive an eternal figure of theoretical accounts, each bearing a certain set of advantages of the predating 1. Harmonizing to research by Alam A ; Yasin ( 2010 ) , success in turn overing out online shopping installations is depended on the acceptableness of these factors, handiness of enabling substructures and proficient elements every bit good as positive client attitude towards the cyberspace as an avenue towards satisfaction of certain demands and wants. Harmonizing to Alam A ; Yasin ( 2010 ) the overruling demand to guarantee client satisfaction as a manner of heightening client trueness remains the most outstanding ground behind execution of schemes in a concern. Online shopping, merely the traditional theoretical account, relies on the ability of the marketer to pull and retain clients, thereby augmenting his returns. In most underdeveloped states, the ingestion of IT is complicated and hampered by the concentration of SMEs, which remain unviable options for on-line shopping as indicated by Olajubu, Afolabi A ; Ajayi ( 2009 ) . In the business-to-customer ( B2C ) theoretical account, on-line shopping culminates in the buying, selling and exchange of merchandises facilitated by computing machine webs ( cyberspace ) , with electronic colony of the minutess. Numerous theoretical accounts have been proposed to help in analysis of consumer behaviour in response to debut of fresh ICT constructions. The most common include Roger s Diffusion theoretical account ( Lawson, 2000 ) , the sensed features of invention ( Sideridis, 2010: 67 ) , the ground action theory, the planned behaviour theory ( Mendes et al, 2004: 58 ) and the theoretical account for technological credence ( Liu A ; Ye, 2001: 336 ) . Hydroponics EssaySocial factors influence the attitudes and perceptual experience of persons. Harmonizing to Efendioglu, Yip A ; Murray ( n.d ) , the long-standing penchant of off-line dealing systems have a important influence on the ability of persons to migrate to the online installations. Having served the demands of most persons for long these off-line theoretical accounts, such as telephone and catalogue gross revenues pose a menace to the execution of the online shopping owing to their ability to supply the same degree of sensed public-service corporation, in add-on to holding inculcated passage trust and the chance to socialise, as it is customary in China and other developing states. As a consequence, the robotization of the shopping procedure is bound to conflict with the modern-day perceptual experience of the shopping procedure. Harmonizing to McKinnon et Al ( 2010: 327 ) , success depends on constitution of on-line presence by the prospective consumers, and accordingl y acceptance of the new shopping theoretical account. Chakrabati ( 2002: 81 ) posited that non all goods were suited for online shopping. The type of merchandises on offer and on demand besides influenced the spread of on-line shopping. The Survey by Kamel ( 2006: 66 ) revealed that developing states merely account for 18.5 % of the digitized information, which is little per centum as compared to the remainder of the universe. Consumption of infrastructural constituents has an influence on the environment, owing to the increased coevals of e-waste ( Zwass, 1996 ) . Lack of disposal mechanisms of such wastes in add-on to the increased demand for energy to power the systems is bound to act upon the environment. With each place holding an internet connexion, there originates the demand for increased coevals of energy thereby asking development of policies to turn to the environmental impact. Karake-Shalhoub A ; Qasimi ( 2006: 209 ) and Kamel ( 2006: 71 ) noted that the legal morasss confronting cyber infinite still dog the development states, where legal systems are faced with legion challenges. The inability to develop sufficient Torahs sing behavior in cyber infinite to fit the Torahs govern the existent infinite is straight attributable to the inability of most persons to take up on-line shopping as a feasible option to traditional shopping. Harmonizing to Wilson ( III ) ( 2004: 300 ) and Anwer et Al. ( 2010 ) the alone nature of the cyberspace nowadayss existent challenges even for developed states, with policy docket missing with respect to privateness, security, protection of on-line consumers, electronic signatures, domestic and international trade every bit good as revenue enhancement affairs.Chapter 3: Methodology The research will consist of a qualitative and quantitative analysis. Through the usage of a 25-question questionnaire, informations will be gathered from a selected sample of 200 persons. The information gathered will be analyzed through statistic agencies and presented in both tabular and graphical footings. Infere nces from the informations will be used in the coevals of findings and decisions. Chapter 4A?A?A?Practicalities The developing economic systems form a important part of the planetary market topographic point. The huge figure of consumers nowadayss a possible market for goods and services, from both developed and developing markets. Rational consumers in hunt of maximization of public-service corporation are bound to prefer the most efficient theoretical account and the beginning of value add-on, thereby doing it imperative to understand the intrinsic nature of online shopping and the environment in developing states. This research will show an penetration into the challenges and successes of presenting on-line shopping to China, classified as a underdeveloped state, with sufficient informations and information to supply guidelines applicable to other developing states. The illations and recommendations arising from this research are adaptable to other developing states with little customization to provide for differences in environments in the states in inquiry. Chapter 5A?A?A?Ethical facets Owing to the necessity for human engagement in the research, ethical issues arose sing the behavior of the informations aggregation procedure every bit good as the usage of the findings from the survey. As a regulation, any informations, information and averments made by the targeted sample was to be used entirely for the current undertaking with rigorous privateness regulations. The information collected through questionnaires was to be done on a footing of namelessness of the persons, thereby doing it impossible to bind the responses to a specific person. Since the averments made in the survey were to be utilized in preparation of decisions and recommendation, it was deemed representative of the state of affairs and true to the cognition of the person. For this ground, the survey was to be carried under rigorous attachment to the University s policy sing research affecting Human Participants, informations and Tissue.

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The African and British Cultures

Early African societies shared certain aspects even though the African culture was non-uniform. Animation was utilized in religious beliefs such that nature was used to elaborate to people their way of life. Traditional beliefs were passed on across successful generations orally hence the elders had unique status. In every society, specific tasks were undertaken by particular kin groups or families. Some of the earliest kingdoms in Africa include Benin, Ghana and Zimbabwe.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The African and British Cultures specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Oral literature was the earliest form of African literature. However, the Arabic script was introduced by Muslims in East Africa, which eventually saw the development of Swahili. African artists prepared their works for ritual purposes and secular leaders. Natural phenomena and animals were the common symbols. Masks were used to either transform or conceal identity (Cunningham Reich, 2009, p. 529-530). The cultural and ethnic assortment of the UK has been shaped by its values. First, politeness and courtesy are among the attributes that the British are renowned for. The British society is founded on manners and etiquette following the influence from the social class system and royalty. Second, the British also use the English language to express caustic and sarcastic humor. Third, Britons are time conscious and value punctuality especially in keeping appointments. Fourth, they follow rules and regulations. Queuing is common. Fourth, they value privacy and it’s therefore important to respect personal space. It may be impolite to go asking someone’s income, background and occupation. Additionally, there is gender equality where women are accorded equal rights with men. This applies in all aspects of life such in remuneration, responsibilities and travel (Anon, 2010, p. 52-56). Reference List Anon, (2010). Cultura l values and believes. Web. Cunningham, L.S. Reich, J.J. (2009). Culture Values, Volume II: A Survey of the Humanities with Readings [With Access Code]. Boston: Cengage Learning. This essay on The African and British Cultures was written and submitted by user Cardiac to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Ridicule essays

Ridicule essays Jeans of Rousseaus criticisms of society and its citizens are demonstrated in the movie Ridicule. Ridicule is defined as to make fun of, implying a deliberate often malicious belittling (Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary). Rousseaus critique was not merely an attempt to make society and its individuals objects of laughter, but to encourage, like other thinkers, progress of civilization through the improvement and ultimate transformation of society (Levack et al. 565). Rousseau was an atypical thinker who tries to grasp an emotional and passionate side of man. Contrary to Rousseaus emotionalism, the character of Mathilde is a single-minded individual and unaware of her emotions. Mathildes primary concern is her study of science. Her interest in science and nature overshadows and, eventually, removes any of her feelings of love. She agrees to marry a rich, old noble, Monsieur Montalieri, so she can use the income from the marriage to finance her scientific experiments. In Rousseaus The Social Contract, emphasis is placed on citizens recognizing a general will, which represents the common good or public interest. All of society should participate and commit to the general good, even if that means putting personal and private interests aside (Levack et al. 571). The character of the aristocrat Ponceludon demonstrates Rousseaus idea of the general will. Ponceludon travels to the court at Versailles hoping that King Louis XVI will provide financial aid for his drainage project of the swamps near his home. He wants to get rid of mosquitoes, reduce disease and death, and help the peasants who work for him have a better life. He goes to the court to see th...

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10 Hobbies That Look Great On Your Resume

10 Hobbies That Look Great On Your Resume The going advice might  tell you to leave your hobbies off your resume- there isn’t enough space and potential recruiters are most eager to see your skills and experience. But there are a few situations in which adding a few of your hobbies to your resume can actually add value to your candidacy and help you stand out from the crowd. You can and should include any hobby that has some bearing on your proposed job duties, or something that would endear you to a more creative company like Google. Just remember: if you put it on your resume, it’s fair game in the interview.Here are a few hobbies that might actually make things easier for you to land a job.1. YogaBelieve it or not, a dedication to yoga shows a commitment to staying calm and in control. The ability to breathe through tough moments will look like an asset in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Shows you can handle pressure.2. Extreme AdventureIf your bosses to be are impressed by risk and pushing boundari es without losing your cool, listing extreme adventure sports on your resume can show you have these valuable traits- which might just land you a leadership role.3. Video ProductionDitto any kind of design, especially if you’re going for a gig in production or event planning. Who knows when you might be asked to livestream or broadcast content in the course of a job?4. Endurance SportsThese show dedication, perseverance, and grit. Who doesn’t think these qualities are appealing in a potential hire? Particularly in sales or business roles.5. Creative HobbiesYou like to cook or paint or take photographs, or do any sort of design, you might be in a better position to list these on your resume and appeal to jobs that are not just looking for hard skills, but a little creative je ne sais quoi. 6. Team SportsShow you can be part of a team- especially if your team experience is leaner in the work sphere and you are applying for a team-based job.7. WritingA bit of creative wri ting can both showcase your creative side, but also show your strengths as a writer or editor- both incredibly useful skills in communication for almost any job. It’s a highly sought after skill that most people are just not that great at. Show your stuff!8. Community InvolvementBeing active in your community or volunteering suggests that you are caring, service-oriented, and comfortable with collaboration. You might even show yourself as perfect for a managerial role without even trying too hard.9. BloggingAs long as your blog is professional looking and not too salacious in content, an interest in blogging can be a real asset. Bonus points if your blog matches your online presence/personal brand and if the content is current, well-written, and free of mistakes.10. Playing an InstrumentPlaying an instrument takes talent, yes, but also determination and dogged practice. Show you’re willing to put in the time and commitment to improve, and your future boss just might be lieve you.That being said, while your hobbies are important, it’s also important to build the functional aspects of your resume because that is what will ultimately determine whether or not you get your foot in the door.And one way to make sure your resume is top notch is by keeping up with certain resume trends. If you can keep up with trends, you will be able to keep your resume updated and efficient.

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Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol - Essay Example nowledge of each other to effectively establish a joint, shared secret key over an insecure public communication channel (Blake and Garefalakis, 2004, p.27). Although diffie-Hellman Key Exchange is a non-authenticated (anonymous) key agreement protocol, it provides a basis for a diverse variety of authenticated protocols and has widely been used to provide important forward secrecy particularly in transport layer security’s ephemeral. This paper critically reviews diffie-Hellman Key Exchange protocol with particular focus to some of the common attacks on the protocol, potential counter-measures to mitigate or address such attacks as well as a calculation of the value of the symmetric key as well as the value of R1 and R2 in the diffie-Hellman protocol for the given set of values. i. Denial of Service Attacks: These are the attacks against Diffie-Hellman Protocol whereby the attacker attempts to stop Alice and Bob from carrying out the protocol successfully. This can particularly be accomplished by attackers through a number of ways some of which include deleting the messages sent by Alice and Bob to each other or even by overwhelming the communicating parties with unnecessary communication or computation. ii. Outsider Attacks: Outsider attacks is a malicious attack in which the attackers may try disrupt the protocol by removing, adding or replaying the messages in order to retrieve some vital information that they may have otherwise not gotten just by looking at the public values. iii. Insider Attacks: This is where one of the participants in a Diffie-Hellman Protocol intentionally creates a breakable protocol in an attempt to gain knowledge of the secret key of his/her communication peer on the other side ( Kaufman, Perlman and Speciner, 2002, p.95). There are currently a number of countermeasures that can effectively be applied and implemented in order to mitigate, avoid or address the various common attacks on Diffie-Hellman Protocol. For example, to

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Social problems Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Social problems - Coursework Example On the other hand, the subjective element of social problems refers to the belief that a certain social condition is harmful to the society, or to a section of the society and it can be changed. Problems such as drug addiction, poverty, crime and pollution do exist. These conditions are not considered as social problems but they can cause a lot of destruction is a society (Eitzen and Zinn 2). What is the difference between norm violations and social conditions as types of social problems? Which is a person blame and which a systems blame approach? Why doe the authors of this book believe the focus should be on social conditions (system blame) rather than norm violations (person blame)? Do you agree with them? Why or why not? As social problems, norm violations tend to assume that there is a standard behavior. People studying norm violations are normally interested in failures in the society criminals, the school dropouts, and the mental ill. On the other hand, norm violations are symptoms of social problems and not the problem itself. For example, deviants are victims who need to entirely carry the blame. The second type of social problems involves conditions that tend to cause material and psychic suffering for some people. In addition, there is the person-blame approach which is the approach of understanding people’s social problems. In this approach, those who deviate are considered as the source of trouble. The authors of this book believe that the focus should be on system blame and not person blame since blaming an individual gives the government a chance to take control of dissidents more easily. In most cases, deviants are normally sent to hospitals or prisons for rehabilitation. It is th erefore right for the authors to base on system blame (Eitzen and Zinn 4). Welfare state capitalism is a type of capitalism is a type of capitalism that has

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Internal combustion engine Essay Example for Free

Internal combustion engine Essay There is a big debate about the future of the auto industry. The new big topic is electric cars. Ads emphasize how much less pollution these cars put out, but the truth is that many people do not realize the downside of these cars. For instance, did you know that average battery cost for electric cars is between $18,000 and $20,000? Also, these cars produce significant more amounts of sulfur dioxide compared to traditional internal combustion engines, and what about the factories that burn billions of tons of coal everyday to produce electricity to charge these cars? Yes, these cars do produce little carbon dioxide directly, but the main source of pollution comes indirectly from the power plants that power these cars. Electric cars are not the best environmental solution in the long run because they still cause pollution while charging and producing them, there is no safe place to dispose of the batteries, and they are extremely expensive (Hogan). The first major issue with electric cars is that the process of manufacturing and charging these cars produces billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The EPA’s research shows that for an average size car, electricity’s emissions are about three times higher than the emissions of gasoline (Inside Climate Staff). Electric cars do not produce much pollution directly. Instead the pollution is rather created at the source of the energy, power plants. Pollution is caused when manufacturing and producing these cars too. In addition, large amounts of pollution are produced while mining for the metals found in the new types of batteries. All of the mining machines and vehicles are powered from fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline, and diesel fuels. A great amount of energy is lost in the process of transmitting the electricity from the power source to your car. Also, electric cars emit significantly higher amounts of sulfur dioxide into the air compared to internal-combustion engines. Sulfur dioxide is the main component that causes acid rain. Acid rain can cause damage to lakes, streams, forests, car paints, copper, stone, and other building materials. Acid rain soaks into the soil and roots of plants, and causes slowed growth, and loss of leaves or needles. In the Great Smoky Mountains, acid rain has actually killed one-hundred or more of the Frazier Fir and Red Spruce trees (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency). Furthermore, in the Northeastern United States. , such as in the Kesterson Reservoir in the San Joaquin Valley, acid rain caused hundreds of fish populations to vanish from lakes (Davis). Acid rain can contaminate our own drinking water without us even knowing it; it tastes, and looks like regular water! When sulfur dioxide is inhaled, it can cause damage to your heart and lungs, causing disorders such as bronchitis and asthma (National Parks Service). Additionally, battery disposal is a key issue. The average life of this new type of batteries is twenty-five to thirty thousand miles before they will have to be replaced. If electric cars are going to be a thing of the future, there will become an excess of batteries in landfills and other disposal sites. Presently, landfills are not designed to handle the millions of batteries that would need to be disposed of if millions of people were driving electric cars. If these batteries are not properly disposed of, toxic chemicals could leak into the environment. Also, recycling these lithium-ion batteries doesn’t appear to be in the future anywhere soon. The cost of collecting, organizing, and shipping these metals to a recycler far outweighs the value of the scrapped material, so for the time being, most of these metals will be thrown away in landfills and junkyards (Mitchell). Another obstacle with these materials being tossed in landfills is the possibility of corrosive chemicals leaking into streams, rivers, and lakes. The process of refining metals for these batteries also releases pollutants into the environment. Once the refiner gets what metal they need from the ore, they discard the other materials into the nearby ecosystems. When this happens, our drinking water could be contaminated, and it could also damage, or kill the wildlife in that area (Bacher). Lastly, these cars are extremely expensive. Because the batteries only last for about a hundred miles, this means you would have to charge them about three times for every full tank of gas that you would normally buy. Also, with this low charge capacity, it would be virtually impossible to take long trips. You would have to stop frequently to charge the battery, which takes about nine hours to completely charge. This would turn a normal two-hundred mile, four hour drive into at least a thirteen hour trip, assuming that you could find an open charging station! Another reason that these cars are so expensive is that you have to replace the battery in your car about every twenty-five to thirty thousand miles. This is a very costly expense, especially since each new battery is about eighteen to twenty thousand dollars! This is $80,000 for batteries alone if you drive 100,000 miles in your car! The price of charging an electric car is less than what a full tank of gas would cost you, but you end up paying for it in the long run when you have to replace the battery. Electric cars are expensive from the start. The average retail price of most electric cars is in the thirty to forty thousand dollar range. Most middle class individuals cannot afford to pay this price for this new technology, which is why this will not be the best economical solution in the long run. These cost projections assume that both the car and the battery work correctly for the duration of their lives, but what if the battery breaks, or stops working, forcing you to replace it? The technology is new and underdeveloped, which means that there might still be some problems or â€Å"bugs† that the designers haven’t had a chance to fix. That’s $20,000 right there that you would have to pay in addition to the purchase price. That’s close to half of what you originally paid for the car! Since these cars are less, there are fewer mechanics that are qualified to work or operate on them, so the price of operation will be very high. Electric cars were released around 2010, which means there hasn’t even been enough time for a mechanic to get a four-year degree in operating on electric cars (Hogan). The problem with automobile pollution definitely needs to be addressed and solved, but fully-electric cars are not the best solution. They are made out to be better than they actually are, and they definitely have major disadvantages. First of all, they will have to become a lot cheaper for people to be able to afford them. The general public cannot afford to pay $20,000 for a new battery every 30,000 miles. Designers also need to find a way to lengthen the range of these cars. With only a 100 mile range, it is just not practical for most people. In addition, these cars still produce pollution, just not directly. All of the pollution is created indirectly, at coal-burning electricity power plants. Another unaddressed issue is that these cars emit large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, which is what combines with water to become acid rain. Lastly, there is no good place to dispose of batteries. If millions of people are going to be driving these cars, there will be tons of toxic batteries in landfills and disposal sites, which can cause harm to the wildlife, and the surrounding environment. If you accidentally miscalculate the charge left in your car, you will be stuck. Unlike a gas-powered vehicle, you cannot simply fill up your car with a gas can. With electric cars, there is no way to replenish the energy in your car on the side of the road. The fully-electric car was a good idea, but in the long run, it is not the best answer. The automobile companies need to continue to improve internal combustion engines to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions. Works Cited Cultrona, R. L. Pros and Cons of Electric Cars. 1999-2012. 18 March 2012. . Davis, Jay. Marine Bio. 1998-2012. 18 March 2012. . Hogan, Micheal C. The Encyclopedia of Earth. 21 February 2012. 18 March 2012. . Mitchell, Robert L. Computer World. 22 August 2006. 18 March 2012. . National Parks Service. 28 October 2010. 18 March 2012 . Staff, Solve Climate. Inside Climate News. 1 April 2010. 18 March 2012. . U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. 8 June 2007. 18 March 2012. .

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3 Areas of Exploration :: Drama

3 Areas of Exploration Hot-Seating ----------- Hot-Seating is where the audience asks you questions about your character. This technique is important in drama because it really makes you concentrate on the character that you are playing. You have to know your characters background & what type of person he/she is. Which in turn helps move your work forward, because you know more about your character Thought Tracking ---------------- Thought Tracking is where your character speaks his/her thoughts to the audience. This technique is important in drama because it reveals what a character is thinking without other characters, in the piece, knowing. For example: Luke: Are you coming out later? Steve: ok then. (Aside) Though I suppose I’ll be paying again. (To Luke) See you at 7. Forum-theatre ------------- Forum theatre is where a scene is enacted & watched by the rest of the group & at any point in the drama any actor/actress can stop the scene to ask to make a suggestion or can join in by suggesting a new role or take over an existing role. This technique is important in drama because it helps get ideas & move your scene forward. Midsummer nights dream Vs Staying Lost Introduction ------------ These two plays are different in every way. On one hand we’ve got a romantic comedy, midsummer nights dream, which deals with four lovers & fairies & on the other we’ve got a serious piece, staying lost, which deals with life’s issues. Similarities Both of the pieces had 3 different parts which came together at the end i.e. the teenage pregnancy, the unwanted child the rape story. Then at the end the 3 parts came together in a very effective scene where the victims behind a big gate & the other people were on the other side. The 3 parts in midsummer nights dream also came together at the end i.e. the lovers story, the fairies story & the workers story. Then at the end we all came together in a scene where the workers put on a play for the visitors. Another similarity is that we both pieces used thought tracking i.e. In staying lost in the pregnancy story when Carly was sitting on the stairs

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall Essay

The movie â€Å"Forgetting Sarah Marshall† is a successful example of comedy. It was theoretical released on April 18, 2008. The film was brought together by a group of well acted performers and was very famous for perfectly combining the hilarious performances and the laughter together. I think that a successful comedy movie has to have these important factors. First, it needs to be performed with the perfect sounds elements such as the background music and the songs in the movie; second, the movie should be brought by some famous figures and directors, which were well-known in the comedy industry to make sure it will have a great hit this time; third, there should be a lot of stupid scenes with nonsense in the movie that will make people laugh their heads off. The movie â€Å"Forgetting Sarah Marshall† won the Golden Trailer Award for Wild Posts in the year 2008 and was nominated for 6 different awards such as the Golden Trailer Award Best Comedy, and Teen Choice Comedy Awards. The film is directed by the famous Nicholas Stoller and was written by Jason Segal. The movie was a successful hit and was well know among the teen’s group as well as the adults group. The main character of the movie; Peter, he had the most perfect life that all man wished for; which is dating the most famous and the sexiest TV star of the show Crime Scene, Scene of the Crime. But an awful break up which was brought up by now his ex-girl friend, TV star Sarah Marshall; Peter felt like he needs to get away from his life and forget everything about Sarah, so he decided to go to Hawaii for a vacation. The problem is Peter’s ex-girl friend is also on a trip to Hawaii with his new boyfriend; Snow. Peter had to learn to forget the past, stop being a baby, and finally become a man. In the movie, Peter is a sound effect editor for his ex-girlfriend’s TV show; Crime Scene, Scene of the Crime, he was suppose to do dark and ominous music for the background, after he broke up with Sarah, he was playing lively music for the show, which was a perfect part with sarcastic and dark humor in it. The movie cleverly blends together his act with his music talents. Such as the Dracula puppet song that he sang in front of a crowd of strangers that has no idea what he is doing, as soon as he is finished with the Dracula song; the awkward situation that everyone was in total silence was amusing and made the audience want to laugh without a reason. When Sarah Marshall’s new boy friend went on stage and sang her the song â€Å"Inside You†, with the ridicules body movements that he did with the song, the audiences are usually stunned at first, but as we watch it further, it definitely leads to full of laughter. A powerful comedy should be brought together by a group of well known figures in the comedy industry. â€Å"Forgetting Sarah Marshall† is a perfect example of a good comedy because it was produced by four producers, which they were all very famous for being in the comedy business for so long. The exclusive producer Richard Vane was also the producer of Last Holiday (2004), Rodney Rothman who was also the producer for Help Me Help You (2006), and Judd Apatow who was the actor in Pineapple Express (2008). Most importantly, Producer Shauna Robertson. She was the producer for many previous comedy great hits; such as the Pineapple Express (2008), Knocked Up (2007), The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and Meet the Parents (2000). Jason Segal which was the writer of the film was also the leading actor of the movie. Actress Kristen Bell from the famous TV show Gossip Girl also took part in the movie, as well as Mila Kunis who was the sound for Meg Griffin for Family Guy and Bill Hader from Knocked up. With this impressive group of producers and performers, people will surge into the movie theater as soon as the film is released in the theaters. The most important element for a comedy is it has to have some scene that came out of nowhere and was totally stupid with nonsense. It is very important for a comedy, because people usually watch comedies when they don’t want to think about things and just want to enjoy the movie; otherwise there is no point of watching it. â€Å"Forgetting Sarah Marshall† is a perfect example because it is filled with nonsense. After breaking up with Sarah, Peter Felt like that he needs to have sex with different women just because his ex-girlfriend is having sex with another guy. After having a one night stand with a women that he barely even known, Peter cried in front of her and was acting totally out of ordinary. Also when the chief invite him to go and prepare dinner with him, they end up chasing a pig and Peter had to kill the pig with his bare hands. Scene in the movie shows much different nonsense that will usually make people laugh from their heart. The movie was loved widely all over the world, but there are still a lot of people who didn’t like the movie â€Å"Forgetting Sarah Marshall†. A lot of professionals’ movie critics didn’t like the movie because they think that the contents are â€Å"totally forgettable† or they think that â€Å"it is hard to like a character in the movie, when his own movie makes fun of himself. † I disagree with these critics, because there are many scenes in movie that people will not forget after that watched it, and a comedy are usually funny because the main characters were made fun of, either by himself or the other characters in the movie. That is what usually makes a movie a great hit of comedies. Just like what I previously mentioned, â€Å"forgetting Sarah Marshall† includes the perfect factors of sound element, was performed and brought together by a power group of people in the comedy industries, it also includes many stupid senses that people will not forget and will be talking about it among everyone who have watched the movie. This film is a great example of a comedy, and it is only for you to watch it and find out for yourself.

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The Difference Between Natural Law and Legal Positivism

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NATURAL LAW AND LEGAL POSITIVISM This essay is going to discuss and analyse the differences between two basic principles- natural law and legal positivism. According to Hume, there are two realms of human enquiry , one in the field of facts which is concerned with what ‘ is ‘ actually the case and the other in the field of ‘ought’ that is, what ought to be the case1.Those who believe in the principle of natural law are known as naturalists while those who believe in the principle of legal positivism or ‘positive law’ are known as positivists. This is a brief overview of the two principles of natural law and legal positivism. Natural Law Natural Law started with the ancient Greeks and suggested that there was a higher power in control of human existence. Natural law deals with the combination of law and morals and is sourced from religion, culture and reason. It is the means by which human beings can rationally guide themsel ves to their good and it is based on the structure of reality itself.All human beings possess a basic knowledge of the principles of natural law. Naturalists believe ‘ an unjust law is not a law’. Doherty said ‘One of the classical theories of natural law is that there are certain principles of human conduct, awaiting discovery by human reason, with which man-made laws must conform if it is to be valid’2 Natural law is what ‘ought’ to be. Some natural law thinkers were Hobbes, Locke, Finnis, Fuller and Aquinas. Aquinas set the pattern of modern natural law thinking. He divided law into four categories-eternal law, divine law, natural law and human law.The first precept of the natural law, according to Aquinas, is the imperative to do good and avoid evil. ‘Aquinas believed that human laws that do not correspond to the natural law are corruptions of law. These are human laws that lack the character of law that binds moral conscience’ 3 The term ‘natural law’is ambiguous in that it refers to a type of moral theory as well as a legal theory. 1 2 Dennis Lloyd The Idea Of Law(1964)p. 80 Michael Doherty Jurispudence:The Philosophy Of Law(Third Edition)(2004)p. 132 3 Ibid p. 151 UP:05/11/2012-03:15:35 WM:05/11/2012-03:15:38 M:IA120-3-FY A:12a1 R:1204531 C:78D1638A2748CDB50B5907EB2217613C84694D9BLegal Positivism Legal positivism has to do with the seperation of laws and morals. ‘Legal positivism is a philosophy of law that emphasizes the conventional nature of law-that it is socially constructed. According to legal positivism, ‘law is synonymous with positive norms, that is, norms made by the legislator or considered as common law or case law’4 Some positivists were Bentham, Austin, Hart and Kelsen and they all had different theories. Bentham- utility, Austin- commands, Hart- rules, Kelsen- norms. Legal positivism is of the view that morality is irrelevant to the identification of what is valid law.Bentham referred to natural law is ‘nonsense on stilts’. He said the test of good or evil in an act is its utility and that the ‘greatest happiness of the greatest number’ is the social test of what is moral conduct. Austin’s particular theory of law is often called the ‘command theory’ The three basic points of Austin’s theory were- the law is a command issued by the uncommanded commander , the commands are backed by threats and a sovereign is one who is habitually obeyed. Kelsen was of the view that the only law is positive law, that which is the product of the will of the people, there are no natural laws therefore.Positivists believe that law is linked with the sovereignty. ‘According to Bentham and Austin, law is a phenomenon of large societies with a sovereign: a determinate person or group who have supreme and absolute de facto power –they are obeyed by all or most others but do not themselves simi larly obey anyone else’5 Positivists say ‘ought’ is important but should be seperate and one should avoid trying to derive an ought from an is. Natural lawyers believe that law is necessarily connected to morality, whereas legal positivists deny that. This is the major difference between positivist and natural law thinkers.Natural law is the combination of laws and morals while legal positivism is the seperation of laws and morals. Legal positivism declares that morality is irrelevant to the identification of what is valid law and that the criteria for the validity of a legal rule or law in a society is that it has the warrant of the sovereign and will be enforced by the sovereign and its agents. Raz, a positivist, stated that ‘the validity of a law can never depend on its morality’ 6 Positive law or positivism is 4 5 www. iep. utm. edu/legalpos/ [April 17 2001][accessed 4th November 2012] Plato. tandford. edu/entries/legal-positivism/ [2003][accesse d 4th November 2012] 6 Joseph Raz The Authority Of Law: Essays On Law And Morality(1979)p. 47 UP:05/11/2012-03:15:35 WM:05/11/2012-03:15:38 M:IA120-3-FY A:12a1 R:1204531 C:78D1638A2748CDB50B5907EB2217613C84694D9B different from natural law because ‘ it calls for a certain measure of regularity of observance for without this feature, it would hardly be entitled to rank as law at all. A natural law on the other hand may stll be held to be valid even if it is never or scarcely even observed. 7 Legal positivism will only work in a community where it is widely accepted. Hart suggested that the legal system is a ‘closed’ logical system where decisions may be deduced by logic. For natural lawyers- laws will be morally correct. For positivists- the moral aspect is a social standard for people to aspire to. Another major difference between the principle of natural law and the principle of legal positivism is that natural law is not constructed by human beings while legal p ositivism is constructed by humanbeings through the statedraws from lawmakers and the process of lawmaking. There are two aspects, therefore, that emphasise the contrast between positivism in its caricatured form and natural law theores. First,law is exclusively the premise of the legal caste(incluing legilsators) This deprives law of any spurious claims of intrinsic morality and ensures the individual’s right to his own conscience, while reserving the legal system’s right to punish him for transgressing. Secondly, it allows for precise statements about the nature of valid law which approximate to the lawyers’ experience. 8 Natural law is unwritten while legal positivism consists of the written rules and regulations by the government- codes, acts. Another distinction is that natural law is ‘the order of conviviality(literally, the order of living together)’9 – the conditions of conviviality are universal. Legal positivism on the other hand is specific to a particular area. ‘While positivism states that the concept of law is simply what the legal system in a given society recognizes as law, naturalisation considers law to be an ideal, commonly shared by human societies’10Natural law follows a test.If it fails the moral test, then it is not good law. Positivism doesn’t follow that test. Some laws may lack in morals but still be ‘good’ law. Despite the distinctions between natural law and legal positivism, there is a necessary connection between the two principles. Natural law flows into legal 7 8 Dennis Lloyd The Idea of Law(1964)p. 97 Michael Doherty Jurispudence: The Philosophy Of Law(Third Edition)(2003)p. 155 9 http://users. ugent. e/frvandun/Texts [no date][accessed 4th November 2012] 10 Michael Doherty Jurispudence: The Philosophy Of Law(Third Edition)(2003)p. 155 UP:05/11/2012-03:15:35 WM:05/11/2012-03:15:38 M:IA120-3-FY A:12a1 R:1204531 C:78D1638A2748CDB50B5907EB2217613C84694D9B po sitivism indirectly because it is impossible to have a legal system without fidelity to the rule of law and formal justice. ‘The connection between law and critical morality is necessary in that it is not contingent. It applies to every law and every legal system.The proposed interpretation of every law in every legal system can easily be challenged on the ground that it is not morally defensible, whether the challenge succeeds or fails in a particular instance’11Any positive law that conflicts with natural law is not really law at all. As a result of this, there is no moral or legal obligation to obey it. People will not follow a law that they think is morally repulsive. A rule is legally valid if there’s a moral right to enforce it. If people do not have morals or reason, it will be factually hard to have a legal system.Radbruch said ‘a law could not be legally valid until it had passed the tests contained in the formal criteria of legal validity of the s ystem and did not contravene basic principles of morality’12 Natural law and legal positivism are undoubtedly interwined and inter-related. ‘The values of fairness, equity, justice, honesty, humanity, dignity, prudence, abstention from violence and a host of other values that conduce to cooperation and coexistence play a prominent role in the law even when they are not incorporated in any formal source of law. 13 In conclusion,’in order to know what your legal rights are, you need to look at what laws your society has. In order to know what your moral rights are, you need to figure out what is the true morality. ’ 14 Adaeze Aseme. 11 12 Users. ox. ac. uk/~all. s0079/positivism2. pdf [no date][accessed 4th November 2012] Michael Doherty Jurispudence: The Philosophy Of Law(Third Edition)(2003)p. 157 13 Ibid. P. 39 14 Michael Doherty Jurispudence: The Philosophy Of Law(Third Edition)(2004)p. 39 UP:05/11/2012-03:15:35 WM:05/11/2012-03:15:38 M:IA120-3-FY A:12a1 R:1204531 C:78D1638A2748CDB50B5907EB2217613C84694D9BBIBLIOGRAPHY Books Lloyd, Dennis, The Idea Of Law(1967) Raz, Joseph, The Authority Of Law: Essays on Law And Morality(1979) Doherty, Michael, Jurispudence: The Philosophy Of Law(Third Edition)(2003,2004) Internet Sources www. iep. utm. edu/legalpos/ [April 17 2001][accessed 4th November 2012] Plato. standford. edu/entries/legal-positivism/ [2003][accessed 4th November 2012] http://users. ugent. be/frvandun/Texts [no date][accessed 4th November 2012] Users. ox. ac. uk/~all. s0079/positivism2. pdf [no date][accessed 4th November 2012]

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What to Pack When Coming Home From College

What to Pack When Coming Home From College The major breaks in college- like Thanksgiving and Spring Break- can be lifesavers for all kinds of reasons. Besides the break from classes and the festivities that happen, these breaks provide a great opportunity to head home and recharge. But just what should you pack when coming home from college? With so much going on before you leave, it can be easy to not pay attention to what youre going to bring home over the break. Spending a few minutes now, however, to double-check the items on this list can save you many hours of inconvenience later. Laundry While doing your laundry in college isnt logistically complicated, it takes a lot of time- and money. Doing your laundry at home, of course, is an easy way to save some time, cash, and overall inconvenience. Dont forget to grab the things that especially need a good washing at this point in the semester, like your sheets, towels, and blankets. Anything You Need to Do Your Homework Sure, most of your research can be done online, but if you forget your reader for Politics 101 or your notes for Organic Chemistry, you can be up the creek. Given that youre heading home over the break with the hope of getting some rest and relaxation, the last thing you need is to stress over how to get your homework done without the things you need for the assignment(s). Take a few minutes to think through what youll need to do- and what items youll need to finish those projects. Your Laptop/Computer Sometimes, the things that seem the simplest are the easiest to forget. Make sure to pack your laptop/computer as well as its power cord. If youre going through the trouble of schlepping your computer home, itd be a waste not to be able to use it after the battery dies. A Jump Drive You may have things on a school server or be sharing documents with other students for a group project. Consequently, make sure to grab any jump drives you are using. That rough draft of your Shakespeare paper may be awesome but not if you accidentally leave it behind during break. Your Cell Phone and Charger You likely have your cell phone on you 24/7. Which, of course, is great- until you accidentally leave it at school. As you leave, do a quick check to make sure you have your cell phone (and its charger) with you. That last thing you want to worry about is not having a cell phone during your break or wondering where you left it. Seasonal Clothes to Swap at Home When you headed to campus this semester, you likely brought seasonal clothes (e.g., warm winter stuff or cool summer stuff). But Thanksgiving and Spring Break can mark a major change in the weather. Pack an extra bag of things you dont need until you go home again and then fill it with clothes back at home that you know youll need for the rest of the semester. A Nice Outfit If Youre Doing Interviews If your to-do list over the break includes doing interviews for seasonal or summer work, remember to pack that nice business outfit so that you wont be left scrambling (or worse, borrowing something from your parents) on interview day. Even if you think youll just be dropping off applications, looking professional when you do so still matters. Lastly, remember to pack important accessories, like shoes, jewelry, socks, and a nice jacket, that complete your interview outfit.

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Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communications - Essay Example They traded with each other; established bonds of marriage and friendships with each other; and built future plans with each other. Although tensions were often seen among these tribes, these were eventually resolved through their traditions. I also found out that the Europeans brought to the shores of North America devastating diseases which practically wiped out a large chunk of their population. I found out that even before the actual colonization of North American by the Europeans, the Native Americans were already negatively affected by the diseases which the Europeans brought to their people – diseases which they had not defence against. In my opinion, Native Americans and their history are often overlooked by the media, except for special programs such as this video because the media does not want to acknowledge the fact that our colonial and European ancestors caused much devastation to the Native Americans. To talk about and discuss the Native Americans and their plight is a startling reminded of the unfair deal which Native Americans have been exposed to since colonial presence in North America. And further acknowledging the current deplorable plight of the Native Americans in the media will also bring the attention to the issues of the Indians which have yet to be given sufficient attention by the media and the Americans in general. Based on what was discussed in this documentary, young whites who embrace rap and hip-hop culture are just making fun of and ripping off black culture, just like earlier generations did with Blackface. Blacks claim that the whites seem to be stealing everything from them, including their culture. The assimilation into the rap and hip-hop culture by the young whites does not seem to come with a deeper understanding of its foundations. The blacks believe that the young whites just simply mimic the culture; they do not

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Shift-share analysis Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Shift-share analysis - Case Study Example Thus, fewer jobs created 61 within the trade sector than had it been performing as compared to the Canada (Stimson, Stough & Roberts, 2006). Moreover, this has resulted in massive concern to the regional authorities due to its identification as one of the primary growth sectors within its 5-year economic. Cape Breton Sydney experienced a 5.0% decrease in the manufacturing employment from the 2009-2014 while total provincial manufacturing employment declined by 3.6%. It elaborates the massive local shift number for this underlying sector. Thus, the prevailing manufacturing sector within Nova Scotia is shifting away during the period. Moreover, it is a relatively better measure of the sector’s growth. Construction industry possesses regional shift-share of 1.172 designating that there were approximately 1100 jobs created in the sector as compared in across Canada. It is the relatively better measure of the sector’s development (Stimson, Stough & Roberts, 2006). The construction sector is shifting towards Halifax during the period. The experienced a 57.1% growth of the employment in the sector. Canada Atlantic Nova Scotia Cape Breton Sydney’s biggest positive shifts were towards construction as well as other services. It is mainly shifting away from the primary industries, accommodation and food service In summation, the data depicts within the duration of the national affluence, and Cape Breton Sydney is mainly prosperous coupled with the experiencing of speedy development of a progressively expanded local economy. The trend will be primarily be determined by vigilant opinion and corresponding informed

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War of 1812 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

War of 1812 - Essay Example Similar to the War of Independence (1775-1783), the war of 1812 was a result of conflicts between the Great Britain and the USA over spheres of influence and power on the American continent. During the War of Independence, the Thirteen colonies overthrew the British rules and established a new state governed by the American people. During the revolutionary years, the Declaration of Independence was promulgated (1776). Nations desiring to achieve these beneficial ends will agree, therefore, that no part of the American union ought ever to be subjected again to foreign rule2. The American Revolution and the war of 1812 changed international relations and opened new opportunities for international trade. The American government received a chance to trade with the rest of the world and supply cotton, tea and other goods to the Old world. Spain did not fear the rising power of the independent United States as it had when the colonies were an extension of British imperial power3. Both wars had similar battles and military strategies applied by the US Army leaders. The main military confrontations took place in Quebec, Massachusetts, Great Lacks and New York. The result of the wars was that fforeign trade improved economic conditions of the United states and increased the state budget.

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Factors that influence choice of leadership style

Factors that influence choice of leadership style Identify factors that will influence your choice of leadership styles and explain why your leadership styles are likely to positively affect your team In todays business world, leadership is more important than ever and while organizations have focused on identifying leadership competencies as a means of gaining competitive advantage, the quality of leadership is still a concern. Typically organizations identify a number of leadership competencies of behaviours that are important to leading the business effectively. Naturally with any developmental experience offered, the organization would like to see its leaders improve in as many competencies as possible. This is where the enhancement of Emotional Intelligence skills can provide significant leverage and value. Any team develops into an effective unit in a number of stages and over a period of time. The form of leadership required from the leader has to be appropriate to the stage of development of the team. In the 1960s Bruce Tuckman published a model for developing team effectiveness, identifying four stages; Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. This has close parallels with Hersey and Blanchards Situational Leadership model where the leadership style changes from telling, through selling and participating and on to delegating as the team becomes more mature.   It also fits with the Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum which describes initial use of authority by the leader developing into greater freedom for team members as the team develops. The models all tell the same story; the leadership style has to change depending on the situation and different leadership behaviours will come into play. While leaders may well consider themselves to be just human beings, or another cog in the great organisational machine, this is not how their team members see them. For them, the leader is the organisation, and they are looking for answers as to what the organisation is about. The most known leadership styles are as follow autocratic, democratic and bureaucratic. In my opinion the most effective is democratic, although in some situation the best solution is autocratic. Leaders using autocratic leadership style dont give a chance for their subordinates to express their ideas or disagree with the leaders opinion and vision. As a result of fact the team become a group of people just mechanically implementing the leaders instructions what is good only for emergency situation. While emergency no time for disputes and asking for suggestion, the decision should be accepted immediately and autocratic style is a brilliant for that type of situation to lead people. Democratic style of leadership is more fruitful and promotes the sharing of responsibility. Such a techniques as consultation, effective delegation of tasks, encourage becoming a leader and being involved in leadership development determined my choice. So the main factors that influence to my choice of leadership are positive work environment where junior employees are given a possibility to challenge themselves, successful initiatives when the process of consultation and feedback naturally results in better decision making and more effective operations. The next factor is encouragement of creative thinking, because creative thinking is required to solve problems in every single organisation, whatever its nature. Reduced employee turnover is the last of the factors. When employees feel empowered through leadership development, a company will experience lower rates of employee turnover which has numerous benefits. Further I try briefly state why democratic leadership styles are likely have a positive effect of individual and group behaviour. Democratic leadership is allowing employees to give their ideas on how processes become leaner and more efficient and effective in organisations where training, professional leadership development and quality of work performed are very appreciated. Organisations are benefit from drawing upon the creative energies of all their staff to bring about cost cutting techniques or fund raising ideas, from the free flow of ideas that democratic leadership brings. ( Review of own leadership behaviour Assess your own leadership behaviours and potential by referring to a relevant leadership model, your organisations working practises, and by collecting feedback from others. Describe what actions you could take to improve as a leader Most people are naturally anxious about change and it doesnt take a lot for the pessimist in all of us to emerge. The individuals response to change is heavily influenced by the response of the people round about them, and key among those influences is the reaction of the leader. If the leader displays a negative reaction then so too do many members of the team. The leader needs to be aware of the impact that their behavior has on other people. The leaders own behavior is then a key influence on the outcome of the change process and the leader needs to behave appropriately, if the change is to be managed successfully. Ability to communicate is to be ready to answer to the questions such as Why are we doing this?, What do we do?, How do we do it? in the new world. Communication is a two way process. Instant answers are not good in new world better to discuss and to gradually understand what will be required of from the team in the future. Change leadership is enhanced when leaders communicate a little at a time, as often as possible, in as many different ways as possible, and providing as many different perspectives as possible. Once team members have built their own personal model of the future and have checked it out against the reality of what is happening on the ground, so that they can once again begin to make their own decisions, the communication process will have served its purpose. For the  second leadership behaviors is ability to support the members of the team. Support in this context is very much about the individual. Leader need to make time available for each individual, need to make himself accessible and need to be prepared to listen. Answers can come in due time, but the leader needs to provide active support to each individual. The next of the leadership behaviors is independence. Leaders need to retain a degree of independence from members of the team all of the time, but at a time of change it becomes even more crucial. Leader have to be able to make the correct decisions, and even begindisciplinary process if some team members refuse to respond appropriately to a new environment. If they dont deal with an individual who is being obstructive, they risk alienating others who respond appropriately. Independence is also important to separate the leaders behaviour towards the team from the way that the leader behaves as an individual. The next step of the leadership behaviours is the ability to develop others. At a time of change everyone has to learn to do things differently. A good leader is working with their team to help them discover first of all what they need to be able to do, and secondly to learn how to do it. Coaching will probably be a key activity at this time. By helping team members to achieve new skills the leader not only enables the team to do its work, but increases the confidence of the team member and reduces any concern about the change stemming from their ability to learn new skills. Leadership style is how you relate to subordinates. Assessing my way of leadership I came to solution that mostly I use democratic leadership style behavior to motivate employees to work harder, involve employees for more participation in the decision-making process. Opinion of personnel is much appreciated and leads them to be motivated especially when their ideas were used in the work processes. As a result work environment become healthy and employees feel good about it.   Workers feel that their opinion counts, and because of that feeling they are more committed to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The collaborative environment created by this style often results in more thorough solutions to problems. I realize that sometime the democratic style could be no effective as take time when I ask people about their opinion, while they explaining what they think and other understand what they are saying. Efficiency is in right assessment of the knowledge and exp erience of subordinates. If they are not quite qualified this will be just waste of the time. So when is situation critic and I need to make urgent decision I switch the style. Even the most successful team will need help from its leader when faced with major change in its environment. For change leadership to be successful, certain leadership behaviors need to be used more regularly until the team has taken the impact of the change on board, and has learned how to be successful in the new environment

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The Collected Works Of Nicholas Cottrell :: essays research papers

The Collected Works of Nicholas Cottrell Collected Works, Vol. 1 Disclaimer and Copyright Notice: All works within are copyrighted to Nicholas Cottrell, hereafter known as "the author". Unauthorized copying is prohibited. Each reader is authorized to make five (5) copies and distribute them in any manner as long as profit is not gained. This contains subject matter that you may find disturbing or inappropriate. Please do not read it if you think you may become offended. Table of Contents: 0. Introduction 1. "Spring" - The one romance poem in here. 2. "Spiral's End" - a poem of revenge 3. "Of Teenage Sorrow" - A short story 4. "Nomad" - loneliness in writing 5. "Frat Boys" - anti-drinking 6. "Reflected Waves" - a poem of surprise at oneself 7. "Phoenix" - a poem of redemption 8. "My Friend In Misery: An Ode to Missa" - a poem of thanks 9. "Bleeding" - a poem of being drained 10. "Observations of Corporations" - A partial view of life. 11. "Fallen Hero" - Read the disclaimer 12. "Singularity" - the one way out 13. "Short Views" - More views on life Introduction A while back, my poetry won me a statewide award. Ever since, I've been pressured to make a compilation of some of my crap and send it around to be published. This collection is just a bunch of stuff I threw together, not much thought to it. If you like it, tell me so! My e-mail address is, write me. I'll write back each and every person by hand, I promise. Well, on with the show, I suppose. 1. "Spring" A rose with gentle petals in the garden grows amongst the weeds Love, like the rose thrives in life's turmoils like the carefully planted seed - Nicholas Cottrell 2. "Spiral's End" Too long have I spent Explaining what I've meant Too long have you heard my ominous words Whimpering, you cry on your knees, you die. -Nicholas Cottrell 3. "Of Teenage Sorrow" A child's cries in the night awaken the mother, who stumblingly finds her way to the crib. Is it a bottle, or a diaper change? The mother does not know. Inadequacy fills the teenage mother, and blinds her to the child's needs. "Rot in Hell, kid." she mutters, crawling back into a bed where a father should be but wasn't. The child's unrelenting tears force her from her nighttime reverie, abd drag her back to the nursery. "Shut up, kid!" she growls drowsily. "Don't you know I have school tomorrow?" But the baby does not know, and her howls fill the night. Lights come on in neighboring apartments, and shouts reach her ears. "Shut that kid up!"

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Television Impact On On Presidential Elections

I do believe that television has had a positive impact on presidential elections. In modern times there is a need for television for these types of events. The authors mentioned agreed with the fact that television has had a positive impact on presidential elections. One source, Source D, is a chart of the ratings for presidential debates. I believe that television has had a positive impact on presidential elections because the world has changed in recent years, the people have changed, there is a trust in the people who are on television, and there is a more honest aspect when someone sees it themselves.I believe that television has been a positive impact for presidential elections because the world has changed into more modern times. Most people will agree that people today use technology for almost everything, presidential elections are no different. Watching a debate on television rather than over the radio has more of an impact in the fact that watching someone delivering a spee ch is much different than simply hearing it. When you can see a person and their actions, you can have a better understanding on whether or not that person is trustworthy.Because of this, there is a more honest aspect when you can observe who is giving a speech over just hearing it or hearing other people talk about it. This is positive because you can make better judgments about a person when you see them rather than just hearing them. Television has also had a positive impact on presidential elections because the people themselves have changed. In his article, â€Å"Has Television Reshaped Politics? † Source A states, â€Å"The people have once more become the nation, as they have not been since the days when we were small enough each to know his elected representative.As we grew, we lost this feeling of direct contact—television has now restored it. † (Campbell) The United States have grown exponentially in numbers since its beginning, and because of this one cannot truly know what came from where when it comes to these issues. The United States has grown too big in numbers to not have the technology like television to educate and allow the people to see these debates first hand. This is positive because there are too many people to not have this technology to help. The people also put their trust in people that have power.In his article, â€Å"Channels of Power: The Impact of Television on American Politics,† Source E states, â€Å"Johnson was a great believer in public opinion polls, and he knew that a recent poll had shown that the American people trusted Walter Cronkite more than any other American to â€Å"tell it the way it is. † (Ranney) Because of this, the American people placed their trust in the hands on Cronkite. They trusted him more than they did their president, and because of that President Johnson made the decision to get out of Vietnam and not run for another term as President.President Johnson knew that the American people would listen to Cronkite more than they would him. This made television positive because they could see for a fact what Cronkite had to say. The chart in Source D shows the television ratings for presidential debates. The ratings have had an overall decline as the years go on. This is because the people tend to change, and the technology is not advanced enough yet for them to be satisfied.As in the above argument, where they needed to see the candidates in order to truly have a grip on what they are saying, they now need a newer way to view the candidates in the debates for the people to have a better understanding of them. This is positive because the human race is never truly satisfied and will keep on wanting a better understanding of the things that are important to them. In conclusion, television has had a positive impact on presidential elections. It is positive because the people can make better judgments about a person when they watch them, rather than m erely hearing them.It is also positive because the population of the United States is too immense for word to get around, the people cannot afford to not have this type of technology. Another reason why it is positive is because the people generally tend to put their trust in people in power, in order to see for a fact what is true. Finally, television is positive for presidential elections because the people will keep craving for more ways to have a better understanding of the people they are voting for.

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Under the Bridge Song Analysis

15 April 2010 Essay 2: Poetry â€Å"Under The Bridge† Under the bridge is a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers, written by vocalist Anthony Kiedis. Keidis reference to â€Å"bridge†Kiedis use of imagery in the lyrics to this song communicate a dark time in his life but also as a listener we can relate with a difficult time in our own life. The symbolism used by Kiedis in reference to his feeling of solitude and long battle with drug addiction. Rhyme and rhythm are two of the main features in this song.The rhythm affects the whole mood, tone and meaning of the song. The melancholy can be felt in the first stanza, â€Å"Lonely as I am together we cry. † Kiedis has chosen different methods to give the song specific sounds that affect the pace and structure of the rhythm. The speed of the song begins quite slow not too intense but slowly the tempo picks up as he describes, â€Å"I don’t ever wanna feel like I did that day. † The feelings of loss bring him to depression and remind him of his struggles with drug abuse.The reference in the third stanza â€Å"take me to the place I love take me all that way† can suggests that Kiedis is taken back to the feeling of being high on drugs. Metaphorically he is attempting to overcome drug addiction but can’t help loving the feeling he gets when he is high. â€Å"The loneliness that I was feeling triggered memories of my time with Ione and how I'd had this beautiful angel of a girl who was willing to give me all of her love, and instead of embracing that, I was downtown with gangsters shooting speedballs under a bridge. (Kiedis 204) Kiedis memory of such a time stimulated his response of loneliness as he is doing so in song to his listeners. Drawing back from the people he was once so close with gave him an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and solitude, as he described, â€Å"Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner sometimes I feel like my only friend like my only friend is the city I live in the city of Angels† (Peppers) The descriptions of the city being his only stronghold during this difficult ime are realized in his city of Los Angeles which he feels would never leave him alone as some of his relationships at that time. The city is stable, and he is able to depend on her being there to support him. He refers to the city as his â€Å"companion†, and he does not have to hide from her because she already knows his deepest secrets but has yet to abandon him. It's interesting to see the different interpretations to this song, but I do believe Kiedis was clearly recounting his drug addiction in a very personal yet abstract manner.Revealing the solitude one has to endure when they find themselves in such a state. My understanding of the song shows the contemplation, withdrawal, and the acceptance of taking a dark path in life. Literature can be subtle or obvious, used carefully or carelessly. The repetition of the third stanza signifies mea ning and creates a strong sonic effect to the listener. Kiedis use of this can be found in the chorus, â€Å"I don't ever wanna feel like I did that day take me to the place I love take me all the way. (Peppers) The text states, â€Å"We all hear sounds differently depending on the meaning and context. † (Beiderwell 522) The feeling this song gives me may be totally different that it may give someone who has experienced an addiction or feeling of despair. In general, the lyrics deals with particular things in concrete language, since our emotions most readily respond to his emotion and expressions. From Kiedis particular situation, the listener may then generalize by implication from the particular. â€Å"She sees my good deeds and she kisses me windy and I never worry now that is a lie. (Peppers) The use of personification occurs here when he describes inanimate objects as human that is, giving them human attributes, powers, or feelings. He is not literally speaking of a p erson but showing his connection with the city he loves so much, as the only person he feels loved by. Images suggest meanings beyond the mere identity of the specific object. (Purdue) Poetry â€Å"plays† with meaning when it identifies resemblances or makes comparisons between things, such as the Los Angeles being his only friend.In the last stanza, â€Å"Under the bridge downtown is where I drew some blood under the bridge I could not get enough under the bridge forgot about my love under the bridge I gave my life away† (Peppers) Kiedis is recounting a low point in his life where he feels he surrendered his life to this addiction to drugs. This use of imagery is most valuable as a mode of perception that assists the listener to see around and to see the often conflicting interpretations that come from our examination of life.In other words his message is most certainly concrete and particular it's implied by the images of him under this bridge drawing blood which is what heroin addicts do. Works Cited Beiderwell, Bruce and Jeffrey M. Wheeler. â€Å"The Literary Experience. † Beiderwell, Bruce and Jeffrey M. Wheeler. The Literary Experience. Boston: Thomson Higher Education, 2008. 217-229. Kiedis, Anthony. Scar Tissue. New York: Hyperion, 2004. Peppers, Red Hot Chili. â€Å"Under The Bridge. † Blood Sugar Sex Magik. cond. Anthony Keidis. By Anthony Keidis. Los Angeles, 1992. Purdue, Owl. Owl Purdue. 21 April 2010. 07 April 2010 .