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An English Teacher At Wellesley High School Essay - 966 Words

As an English teacher at Wellesley High School, in the accomplished community of Wellesley, Massachusetts, David McCullough, Jr. confronts the paradox of reality versus the popular assumptions perpetuated by well-meaning parents and delivered a shockingly poignant attack on the Wellesley High School graduates’ self-perception and preparedness. In addition, he outlined the parents’ role in creating and maintaining this deception. Mr. McCullough used his knowledge and insight of the Twenty-first Century youth culture, humor, and steadfast opinion that his target audience of high school graduates is aphoristically, NOT SPECIAL. However, Mr. McCullough limited his audience’s sensitivity to his assertion using ethics, logic and pathos and later provides a positive, passionate and humanistic world view of how to have a well-lived life. Mr. McCullough begins his speech by recognizing his audience and the privilege of being selected as the graduation speaker stating, â€Å"Dr. Wong, Dr. Keough, Mrs. Novogroski, Ms. Curran, members of the board of education, family and friends of the graduates, ladies and gentlemen of the Wellesley High School class of 2012†. Acknowledging the audience by name or position, Mr. McCullough is able to set the audience at ease. This is a nod to them being part of the same community. Wellesley High School is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a well healed community with excellent public schools and private colleges with aShow MoreRelatedBiography of Sylvia Plath942 Words   |  4 PagesWarren, to Wellesley, Massachusetts which was closer to Plath’s grandmother. Aurelia had acquired a teaching job at Boston University in the medical-secretarial training program. Wellesley was a family focused and education centered community that influenced Plath’s lifes tyle and moral values (Sylvia Plath Biography). Plath had kick started her career as a poetess. Plath wrote her first poem, at age eight; â€Å"A Summer Will Not Come Again† was published in Seventeen while she was in high school, and soldRead MoreA Biography on the Life of Sylvia Plath Essay528 Words   |  3 Pagesministry at the Northwestern College, which was a small Lutheran school. According to his wife, Aurelia, Otto changed his ambitions because he didnt feel a true calling for the ministry. He received a master of the arts from Washington University, and the doctor of science from Harvard. After that, in 1928, he became a biology professor at Boston University. Sylvias mother, Aurelia, taught German and English at Brookline High School until January of 1932, when she married Otto. She quit teachingRead MoreEssay Other Jobs of Television Personalities680 Words   |  3 PagesArmy and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Besides being a television host and a writer, he has many other talents such as being a comedian, voice actor, and musician. He attended Ed W. Clark High school, Arizona State University and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Jimmy began working in the radio industry while in high school. He hosted a Sunday night interview show on UNLVs college station. While attending Arizona State University, he became a popular caller to the KZZP-FM afternoon show hosted by radioRead MoreGender Inequality And Sexism Are Common Social Issues Within Today s Society1856 Words   |  8 Pagesthe liberal arts such as English or history. Jerry A. Jacobs (1996) mentions in his article, Gender Inequality and Higher Education, that â€Å"one of the striking features of education in the United States is the prominence of women among college students† (p. 155). He asks the question of whether or not women are â€Å"equally represented at top-tier institutions† and refers to the â€Å"Hearn (1990) and Persell et al (1992) report, based on an analysis of data on 1980 high school seniors, that wom en were disadvantagedRead MorePresident Of The United States1508 Words   |  7 Pageshearing a speech by the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Since 1964, Clinton worked a variety of jobs during her summers as a college student for various committees and government officials. After graduating from Wellesley College in 1969, Clinton went on to attend Yale Law School where she graduated with honors in 1973. In 1975, Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton. One year after they married, Hillary Clinton worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign for president while her own husband was electedRead MoreI Are Not Special By David Mccullough Jr., An English Teacher And Son Of A Pulitzer Prize1466 Words   |  6 Pages an English teacher and son of a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, denounced this belief when speaking to graduating seniors at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts near the end of Spring 2012. His words, â€Å"You are not special. You are not exceptional,† went vira l across the country (Tugend). McCullough’s words spark question to the common goals that older generations and America’s educational system insist upon our country’s youth. In other words, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, playing three high schoolRead MoreContributions Of Sylvia Plath1302 Words   |  6 Pagesgrowth and development of literature. Sylvia Plath was also a profound writer and one of the most respected poets and prose writer of her time as well. She was once described as â€Å"one of the most celebrated and controversial of postwar poets writing in English† (â€Å"Sylvia Plath†). Many of her poems talked about her own mental issues, her marriage problems, conflicts with her parents that were left unresolved, or her vision of herself. Before her death at the age of thirty, Plath had a multitude of followersRead MoreDuring The Last Couple Of Years, Chicago Public Schools1795 Words   |  8 PagesDuring the last couple of years, Chicago Public S chools (CPS) have gone through many difficulties; ranging from teacher strikes to low funding, which has tremendously taken a toll on the students attending these schools. The Illinois Policy Institute, which writes to inform the public of issues affecting Illinois states, â€Å"Seventy-five percent of students at the lowest-performing elementary schools failed to meet standards on state exams. More than 20 percent of these students scored in the lowestRead MoreEssay about College Is Not Worth It: The Fleecing of Americas Youth3314 Words   |  14 Pagesdaughter to succeed in life, but they have to weigh the complications of going to college as well. â€Å"I have always thought about college as a â€Å"catch 22†...You’re taught from a young age that in order to achieve the â€Å"American Dream† you must graduate high school and go to college,† Kris contemplates (Kris 5).Throughout Kris’s ten years of experience with college, she has seen the tuit ion increase to shocking heights. In fact, she claims that community colleges cost as much as state colleges did when sheRead MoreEntrepreneurial Self Efficacy1962 Words   |  8 Pagesstudents with such intentions. Entrepreneurship education program is usually defined as a process of providing individuals with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities and the knowledge, skills and attitudes to act on them (Jones and English, 2004, p.416). Apart from professional skills and knowledge, entrepreneurship education can foster entrepreneurial aptitudes in every individual, and also create awareness about the benefits of entrepreneurship in the society at large. Therefore

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Physics Earth Space Science Assignment - 1084 Words

Pablo Alvarado-Cruz Earth Space Science Assignment Part I Evaluate Experiments Choosing: Scenario 1 Christopher and Kate noticed that after a rainstorm some of the rocks in their yard appear to shrink. They wondered how the mass of the rocks changed when dissolved in water. To determine this, Kate purchased a variety of rocks from a local shop, carefully recording the types of rocks in a data chart. Christopher gathered rocks from the backyard to add to the rocks Kate purchased. They measured each rock s initial mass; then they inserted the rocks one by one into 100 milliliters of water and measured the mass of each rock after it had sat in the water for five minutes. Both Christopher and Kate concluded that store-bought rocks do not†¦show more content†¦After I will record the type (name) of each rock since not all rocks will dissolve as much as the other rocks. Then I would record the starting mass of each rock and place the rocks in water for 5 minutes. After the rock is taken out after the 5 minutes I will record the ending mass of the rock to see if it’s mass c hanged. The controlled variables in this experiment would be the rocks I’m using since I can’t change the type of rocks I’m using. Part II Designing an Experiment Choosing: Problem 1 Your family has planted a garden. You observe that some of the plants in the garden have teeth marks in them. What is eating the plants? Purpose: My family has planted a garden, observing some of the plants in the garden, we realize they have teeth marks in them. What is eating the plants? Observation: Me and my family observe where the teeth marks are, what type of plants have teeth marks and the size of the teeth marks. Research: In the step, we can take a look at how big the bite size marks were and determine which type of animals it could be. Also, depending on which plants were taken bites out of, we can research what type of animal eats what type of plants, then seeing how big or small the bite marks are, we can have a realistic understanding of what type of animal was biting the plants. Hypothesis: I believe a small animal like a bunny might be taken nibbles from my plants since we grow carrots but there may also be a few other animals going to the garden sinceShow MoreRelatedWhy Philosophy Is Still Necessary986 Words   |  4 Pages As I was attempting to brain storm for this assignment, I ran out of ideas so I decided to read the prompt again and again for inspiration and hopefully some new ideas. That is when I realized that the prompt itself had the answer that I was looking for. My answer was sitting there waiting for me in the last sentence of the prompt, â€Å"The question whether Philosophy is still necessary or not remains an intriguing question, triggering different position.† Philosophy is still necessary in our modernRead MoreThe Physics Of The Universe Beyond Earth1023 Words   |  5 Pagesare the type of scientists who study the physics of the universe beyond Earth. Galileo Galilei is a famous astronomer and is often known as â€Å"the father of modern astronomy.† He created the first telescope with 30x magnification. Nicolaus Copernicus was a famous Polish astronomer who established the concept that the Sun, rather than the Earth, is the center of the solar system and is Earthâ€℠¢s main source of light. His discovery lead to the concept that the Earth and other planets rotate around the SunRead MoreApplication And Values Of The Non Living Entities1350 Words   |  6 PagesPhysical Science involves the study of nonliving matter. Learning about physical science is important, because the five classes of physical science (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, and Geology) all touch some area of our lives on a daily basis. This assignment asked that I choose three chapters that I have read from our textbook (An Introduction to Physical Science - 12th Edition) and explain the applications and values of the non-living entities in the three chapters that benefit dailyRead MorePerceptions of African American Women1308 Words   |  6 Pages#1 AND 2 By †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Laney College Presented November 2, 2009 To †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ African American Studies Dept. Laney College This Assignment is presented in partial fulfillment of the AA Degree. Dr. Mae C.  Jemison. I am taking some classes that will eventually qualify me to major in Astro - Physics, or Chemical engineering, I also want to work with NASA and train as an astronaut. It was amazing to know that Dr. Mae C.  Jemison who happens to be the youngest of threeRead MoreEssay The Sputnik Launch2037 Words   |  9 Pagesthat was the day the world changed forever and there was no turning back. It was the day of the Sputnik launch. Sputnik was a Soviet satellite that orbited in the earth’s rotation 500 miles above the earth and traveling at about 18,000 mph. It took approximately 98 minutes for it to rotate the earth which meant it passed the United States seven times a day. It looked like it was from a whole another world or out of a movie or a fantasy story. It consisted of a ball with four stem like structuresRead MoreA Leader Who Doesn t Have Knowledge Of The Best Person As Their Leader1887 Words   |  8 PagesTherefore, for the purpose of this assignment I have chosen to perform a study to Elon Musk, the business magnate, engineer and inventor to name but a few of his accolades. In all honesty there are many far successful entrepreneurs and business men out there, but I believe that only a few are as dynamic as Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate and founder and CEO of a host of companies in the Internet, renewable energy and outer space sectors. Of these his greatestRead MoreTechnology Is A Fundamental Priority Essay2103 Words   |  9 Pagesliteracies that the newer generations are using, Education is taking advantage of that and will more in the future. I think technology is enabling more people throughout the world to contribute to science discovery which increases the diversity of problem solving and knowledge. The web provides a large amount of space for repositories that people from anywhere in the world can access- I believe this will catalyze our ability to tackle the grand challenges for this generation to overcome. Education has alsoRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects1642 Words   |  7 PagesNavleen Kaur Kara-lee MacDonald English 100 June 10, 2015 Assignment # 5: Final research paper Global Warming: Global Warming is not a conqueror to kneel before- but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to. -Joe Lieberman The term Global warming is now commonly used to refer to the recent reported increase in the mean surface temperature of the earth; this increase being attributed to increasing human activity and in particular to the increased concentration of greenhouseRead MoreNature Science6230 Words   |  25 PagesChristine V. McLelland GSA Distinguished Earth Science Educator in Residence Reviewers and Contributors: Gary B. Lewis Director, Education and Outreach, Geological Society of America Contributing GSA Education Committee members: Rob Van der Voo University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Keith A. Sverdrup University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis. Mary M. Riestenberg College of Mount Saint Joseph, Cincinnati, Ohio Virginia L. Peterson Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Mich. Wendi JRead MoreBattery Life Chemistry Project3767 Words   |  16 PagesScience Fair Packet Name_______________________________ Date ________________________Per_____ DULUTH HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR I. Science Fair Rationale: Science Fair allows the science student a chance to do â€Å"real science†. Coursework provides science facts and formulas, but conducting a scientific investigation gives a student the practice in time management and the use of variables, research, observation and analytical skills that a student needs if interested in a career

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Online Shopping Environments In Developing Countries Essay Example For Students

Online Shopping Environments In Developing Countries Essay Outline1 Chapter 1: Introduction and context2 Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal3 Chapter 4A?A?A?Practicalities4 Chapter 5A?A?A?Ethical facets Chapter 1: Introduction and context The outgrowth of on-line shopping as an option to the traditional shopping theoretical account has become a planetary phenomenon. Harmonizing to Karake-Shalhoub A ; Qasimi ( 2006: 4 ) , consumers in both the developed and developing states have moved with velocity and hilarity to take up this chance to heighten the shopping experience and benefit from the resulting benefits. In malice of the turning figure of cyberspace users and frequence of cyberspace usage among the current users, there exist fluctuations on the planetary graduated table, with most of these fluctuations closely related to the intrinsic characteristics of the local environment. In a survey by Alam, et Al. ( 2008 ) , over 600 million persons have used this theoretical account ; with the e-commerce market holding surpasses $ 228bn as at 2007, with the projections for puting the figure at $ 320bn. The increased use of online shopping is clearly written in the characteristics of the theoretical account, with the advan tages cutting across shoppers of all ages and demographics. In most instances socio-economic, cultural, political and infrastructural facets of the environment contributes to the flight taken by the spread of online shopping by consumers within a specific geographical location. Surveies by Zwass ( 1999 ) ; Wolcott, et. Al. ( 2001 ) and Travica ( 2002 ) cited in Efendioglu, Yip A ; Murray ( n.d ) , indicated that infrastructural differences were the chief beginnings of disparity between the ingestion of online shopping services across difference environments. Other surveies ( Mcknight et al, 1998 and Lee A ; Turban, 2001 ) have indicated that the cultural and socio-economic factors that have important influence on online shopping with far making impact on the consumption of online shopping by the consumers in the development states. In this survey, we take an insightful research into the online shopping environment in the development states. Environmental factors have a important influence on the attitudes and behaviours of consumers, and the chief focal point of the probe will be environment in China and how it s influence on the online shopping facets of the Chinese population. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis, the research will picture the credence and diffusion of online shopping in China.Research purposes and aims The research aim was the geographic expedition of the aspects of the environment in China, with a critical probe of their influence on online shopping. Just like in any other developing state, there are legion factors that influence the pick of shopping theoretical account, with the handiness of online shopping installations being the most outstanding. As a consequence, this survey will picture the environmental factors that influence the ingestion of cyberspace services every bit good as the factors act uponing the determination of Sellerss and retail merchants to offer on-line shopping services. The most outstanding research inquiries include: * How on-line shopping environment affects client s behavior? * How on-line shopping can lend to advancing societal and economic development? * In China and other developing states, what jobs are on-line shopping have and how to better it? Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal The turning demand for better services by both consumers and shoppers have driven retail merchants and Sellerss to contrive an eternal figure of theoretical accounts, each bearing a certain set of advantages of the predating 1. Harmonizing to research by Alam A ; Yasin ( 2010 ) , success in turn overing out online shopping installations is depended on the acceptableness of these factors, handiness of enabling substructures and proficient elements every bit good as positive client attitude towards the cyberspace as an avenue towards satisfaction of certain demands and wants. Harmonizing to Alam A ; Yasin ( 2010 ) the overruling demand to guarantee client satisfaction as a manner of heightening client trueness remains the most outstanding ground behind execution of schemes in a concern. Online shopping, merely the traditional theoretical account, relies on the ability of the marketer to pull and retain clients, thereby augmenting his returns. In most underdeveloped states, the ingestion of IT is complicated and hampered by the concentration of SMEs, which remain unviable options for on-line shopping as indicated by Olajubu, Afolabi A ; Ajayi ( 2009 ) . In the business-to-customer ( B2C ) theoretical account, on-line shopping culminates in the buying, selling and exchange of merchandises facilitated by computing machine webs ( cyberspace ) , with electronic colony of the minutess. Numerous theoretical accounts have been proposed to help in analysis of consumer behaviour in response to debut of fresh ICT constructions. The most common include Roger s Diffusion theoretical account ( Lawson, 2000 ) , the sensed features of invention ( Sideridis, 2010: 67 ) , the ground action theory, the planned behaviour theory ( Mendes et al, 2004: 58 ) and the theoretical account for technological credence ( Liu A ; Ye, 2001: 336 ) . Hydroponics EssaySocial factors influence the attitudes and perceptual experience of persons. Harmonizing to Efendioglu, Yip A ; Murray ( n.d ) , the long-standing penchant of off-line dealing systems have a important influence on the ability of persons to migrate to the online installations. Having served the demands of most persons for long these off-line theoretical accounts, such as telephone and catalogue gross revenues pose a menace to the execution of the online shopping owing to their ability to supply the same degree of sensed public-service corporation, in add-on to holding inculcated passage trust and the chance to socialise, as it is customary in China and other developing states. As a consequence, the robotization of the shopping procedure is bound to conflict with the modern-day perceptual experience of the shopping procedure. Harmonizing to McKinnon et Al ( 2010: 327 ) , success depends on constitution of on-line presence by the prospective consumers, and accordingl y acceptance of the new shopping theoretical account. Chakrabati ( 2002: 81 ) posited that non all goods were suited for online shopping. The type of merchandises on offer and on demand besides influenced the spread of on-line shopping. The Survey by Kamel ( 2006: 66 ) revealed that developing states merely account for 18.5 % of the digitized information, which is little per centum as compared to the remainder of the universe. Consumption of infrastructural constituents has an influence on the environment, owing to the increased coevals of e-waste ( Zwass, 1996 ) . Lack of disposal mechanisms of such wastes in add-on to the increased demand for energy to power the systems is bound to act upon the environment. With each place holding an internet connexion, there originates the demand for increased coevals of energy thereby asking development of policies to turn to the environmental impact. Karake-Shalhoub A ; Qasimi ( 2006: 209 ) and Kamel ( 2006: 71 ) noted that the legal morasss confronting cyber infinite still dog the development states, where legal systems are faced with legion challenges. The inability to develop sufficient Torahs sing behavior in cyber infinite to fit the Torahs govern the existent infinite is straight attributable to the inability of most persons to take up on-line shopping as a feasible option to traditional shopping. Harmonizing to Wilson ( III ) ( 2004: 300 ) and Anwer et Al. ( 2010 ) the alone nature of the cyberspace nowadayss existent challenges even for developed states, with policy docket missing with respect to privateness, security, protection of on-line consumers, electronic signatures, domestic and international trade every bit good as revenue enhancement affairs.Chapter 3: Methodology The research will consist of a qualitative and quantitative analysis. Through the usage of a 25-question questionnaire, informations will be gathered from a selected sample of 200 persons. The information gathered will be analyzed through statistic agencies and presented in both tabular and graphical footings. Infere nces from the informations will be used in the coevals of findings and decisions. Chapter 4A?A?A?Practicalities The developing economic systems form a important part of the planetary market topographic point. The huge figure of consumers nowadayss a possible market for goods and services, from both developed and developing markets. Rational consumers in hunt of maximization of public-service corporation are bound to prefer the most efficient theoretical account and the beginning of value add-on, thereby doing it imperative to understand the intrinsic nature of online shopping and the environment in developing states. This research will show an penetration into the challenges and successes of presenting on-line shopping to China, classified as a underdeveloped state, with sufficient informations and information to supply guidelines applicable to other developing states. The illations and recommendations arising from this research are adaptable to other developing states with little customization to provide for differences in environments in the states in inquiry. Chapter 5A?A?A?Ethical facets Owing to the necessity for human engagement in the research, ethical issues arose sing the behavior of the informations aggregation procedure every bit good as the usage of the findings from the survey. As a regulation, any informations, information and averments made by the targeted sample was to be used entirely for the current undertaking with rigorous privateness regulations. The information collected through questionnaires was to be done on a footing of namelessness of the persons, thereby doing it impossible to bind the responses to a specific person. Since the averments made in the survey were to be utilized in preparation of decisions and recommendation, it was deemed representative of the state of affairs and true to the cognition of the person. For this ground, the survey was to be carried under rigorous attachment to the University s policy sing research affecting Human Participants, informations and Tissue.

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The African and British Cultures

Early African societies shared certain aspects even though the African culture was non-uniform. Animation was utilized in religious beliefs such that nature was used to elaborate to people their way of life. Traditional beliefs were passed on across successful generations orally hence the elders had unique status. In every society, specific tasks were undertaken by particular kin groups or families. Some of the earliest kingdoms in Africa include Benin, Ghana and Zimbabwe.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The African and British Cultures specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Oral literature was the earliest form of African literature. However, the Arabic script was introduced by Muslims in East Africa, which eventually saw the development of Swahili. African artists prepared their works for ritual purposes and secular leaders. Natural phenomena and animals were the common symbols. Masks were used to either transform or conceal identity (Cunningham Reich, 2009, p. 529-530). The cultural and ethnic assortment of the UK has been shaped by its values. First, politeness and courtesy are among the attributes that the British are renowned for. The British society is founded on manners and etiquette following the influence from the social class system and royalty. Second, the British also use the English language to express caustic and sarcastic humor. Third, Britons are time conscious and value punctuality especially in keeping appointments. Fourth, they follow rules and regulations. Queuing is common. Fourth, they value privacy and it’s therefore important to respect personal space. It may be impolite to go asking someone’s income, background and occupation. Additionally, there is gender equality where women are accorded equal rights with men. This applies in all aspects of life such in remuneration, responsibilities and travel (Anon, 2010, p. 52-56). Reference List Anon, (2010). Cultura l values and believes. Web. Cunningham, L.S. Reich, J.J. (2009). Culture Values, Volume II: A Survey of the Humanities with Readings [With Access Code]. Boston: Cengage Learning. This essay on The African and British Cultures was written and submitted by user Cardiac to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.