Saturday, May 2, 2020

USPS Synthesis Essay free essay sample

Over the past two centuries, the United States Postal Office has helped the United States grow by providing communication across the country. The USPS quickly able to provide communication all across the world. In the fast paced society, it is difficult to for the USPS to keep up with all the new gadgets. Especially because the internet allows people to communicate with others in a much more efficient and reliable way. Customers also choose other companies like UPS and Fedex. By reconstructing the USPS, it can slowly meet the standards of a changing world. One of the steps to helping the USPS keep up with all the new technology is to increase services and give their customers more options. People are choosing other ways because postal services aren’t as efficient as the internet. According to Source A, they are dropping from six- to five-day delivery. With the lack of faith in their services and drop in delivery days, the number of customers will probably decrease due to the slow services. We will write a custom essay sample on USPS Synthesis Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The USPS should be providing a seven-day delivery service so their customers can be guaranteed to receive their letters and packages faster and easier. The inefficient and unreliable service causes the number of mail to decrease but increasing services can help attract and gain the trust of customers. Throughout the years, the number of letters and packages are decreasing. According the Source B, the mail volume has decreased drastically from 2000 to 2009, while the number of delivery points has increased. There are less mail but more delivery points, which means mailmen would have mail that are scattered all over the city, causing the efficiency of the services to decrease. Though the mail volume has decreased, there is still a great amount of people who value handwritten letters (Source F) and those people are probably one of the factors that help the USPS stay in business. If they plan out their distributions correctly, their mailmen would be able shorten their route and fasten the rates of people receiving mail. The USPS needs a boost in organization, which will be able to increase the efficiency of the distributions and allow mailmen to help out at the post offices. Most people choose the internet instead of the USPS because of the slow, unexcited workers. Source A suggests to motivate the staff members. Giving workers more benefits and higher wages can help motivate them to work efficiently. Customers often stand in line waiting for ten to fifteen minutes because of the workers who take their time and can’t wait until they get to leave work. Another suggestion from Source A is closing branches and having each center provide different services. Those who need to mail a simple letter can get out of the post office faster and those who need help with larger packages can get the assistance they need. Faster working and motivated staff members can help the customers get assistance as soon as possible and can help the USPS meet the needs of this fast changing world. The USPS is a great way to help people communicate with each other, especially with those who live far away. The lack of efficiency and motivated workers restricts USPS from moving forward and meeting the standards of what people expect nowadays. It has helped the United States for the past two centuries and there are still people who love to send mail so it would be disappointing to see the USPS close down. The USPS needs to train their workers so that they can provide and increase efficient services as well as gain trust from the customers who drifted away.

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